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Adelaide based female fronted dream-pop outfit Dean Forever have a modern sound mixed with an era you just can’t place. With inspiration stemming from their love of various contemporary styles, they deliver an interesting, catchy and eclectic sound with full driving rhythms, understatedly sophisticated harmony and lyrically heartfelt vocals.

Long time friends Jakub Tengdahl and Kiah Lanagan who originally starting writing the material as an outlet for their more accessible content which wouldn't fit into alt-rock project It's a Hoax. The duo now often perform with a full band to deliver a full sounding, lushly synth-laden live show.


“Delicately pulls you into some sort of dreamy spun web.” - Claire Mooney

“Instantly makes me think of a million bands, but not one in particular. Dreamy, but focused.” – Richard Kingsmill

“A lot more dreamy, a lot more pop-focused and just as exciting (as it's a Hoax).”- Tone Deaf